Tansley Barn

Butterley Lane, Tansley, Matlock

Derbyshire DE4 5GF

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Large selection of Koi

Here at the Blue Lagoon Aquatics Centre all of our Koi are handpicked by our highly experienced koi specialist at one of the leading Koi farms. Once the koi have been handpicked by the koi specialist the next step in the selection process is for our resident koi expert with years of training then selects only the finest koi.

When selecting koi our experts look at health, shape and colour and only when a koi ticks all the boxes will they be selected welcomed into the Blue Lagoon Family.

For advice is selecting the right koi for your pond call into our showroom for advice.


we sell tropical fish

There’s nothing more soothing then sitting in front of well maintained tropical tank.

Our tropical fish are handpicked in much the same way as our koi with an expert eye looking at health, shape and colour.

All our tropical fish are selected for size, quality and price by our experts.

We all have a favourite fish, but why not ask the experts with over 100 years’ experience we’re certain we help you find what you’re looking for.


Our Showroom

At Blue Lagoon we pride ourselves on our selection of accessories for ponds and aquariums. From the smallest item to a professional Koi pond filter system all at discounted prices. We house an extensive range of aquariums and cabinets to suit all tastes. We cater for the beginner and the enthusiast.


Our Tropical Room

We take great pride in our livestock, all our aquariums are well filtered and well maintained. We have over 100 Tropical aquariums, 12 Cold water aquariums and a vast range of tropical plants.


Our Pond Plants

In season we have over 1000 stock plants with over 50 varieties of pond marginal plants, floating plants, deep marginal, oxygenators and over 50 lilies in stock. Definitely the best selection for miles around!